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Adult Link Sex  - Terms of Agreement

Your site will be evaluated rated and then added to your categories or rejected if they do not meet the minimum requirements of comon sense. I have plenty of years of experience and its very hard to trick me, so don't even bother submiting crap sites :


  • No bestiality, underage pornography, passwords, email collectors, or any other websites that tries gimicks  and any other illegal stuffs.
  • I kindly ask you to place a link back, but if don't want too thats fine we will still accept your submission
  • You have to choose a category that best suits your website theme, do not mistake this one as it will harm your website
  • Only one submission per site is allowed
  • No adult hosting sites allowed, submit decent websited with decent hosting, no free ones allowed either
  • Sites submitted by IP numbers will not be accepted.
  • No pop-ups or consoles if i see any of them i will delete your website
  • I hate link farms more than anything so don't waste my time with any of it.
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